Hack Aotearoa 2020

Hack Aotearoa 2020


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Hack Aotearoa 2020: AI in Healthcare Conference and Datathon will be hosted by The University of Auckland and Massachusetts Institute of Technology Critical Data on January 17th-19th 2020 in Auckland. This event will build on the success of the Hack Aotearoa 2019 conference and workshop programme and will include a healthcare datathon – the first event of its kind in New Zealand (NZ). During this event we will bring together health professionals, data scientists and innovators in healthcare to collaborate and leverage data science methodologies to analyse datasets and seek solutions for clinical challenges and information gaps in healthcare delivery. We aim to harness insights gained from datasets across the care continuum including primary and secondary care datasets as well as national-level datasets.

Internationally, MIT Critical Data has led several health analytics conferences and datathons to encourage healthcare improvement from routinely collected patient data. We are engaging academic institutions, industry, and healthcare organisations across NZ. Advancing the Quadruple Aim is the overarching domains for the conference and datathon progamme, Maori health equity is a focus for the event, and the ethical use of data is a theme.

Hack Aotearoa is the only event in NZ to foster practical, cross-disciplinary collaboration between healthcare and data science, and we see this as essential to advancing the state of our current health system. This event will also provide an opportunity to engage the health workforce in learning and professional development in health data science, and to identify and address clinically relevant research questions and health system challenges. It is an exciting opportunity to advance the digital health and data science landscape in NZ to improve the quality of healthcare for all.

This event will also provide an opportunity to engage your workforce in cross disciplinary collaboration, learning and professional development in health data science, and a chance to identify and address clinically relevant research questions and health system challenges.

Nga manaakitanga,

The Hack Aotearoa Team!

Hack Aotearoa Datathon 2020

What is a datathon?

Health professionals and data scientists work in interdisciplinary teams to analyse health datasets and seek solutions for clinical research questions.  This knowledge can help to inform existing gaps in healthcare, to improve health services, and management of care.

Teams often publish their research, which is another bonus to participation!

How does a Datathon work?

The Datathon includes a programme of events:

1)  Team formation (1730 on Friday 17th January) : cross-disciplinary teams are formed with at least one clinician and one data scientist for each of the research questions presented.  There will be a number of research questions prepared in advance, however people can develop a question if desired, and as relevant to the datasets available.

2) ‘Hacking’ (Friday 17th 1830 to Sunday 19th 1200):  Teams extract the data, and develop data models or algorithms to answer the research questions.  We will also be implementing an ethics framework as part of the datathon, in order to promote quality of practise.

3) Presentations and closing ceremony (Sunday 19th) – each team presents their preliminary findings. An expert panel of clinicians and data scientists judge the presentations and select the winning teams.

Who should attend?

Health professionals, data scientists and anyone else passionate about healthcare, data analytics, and cross-disciplinary collaboration.  If you are passionate about using data to improve the health of our people – then please come along!

What will you learn?

Teams will work in a cross-disciplinary way, to analyse de-identified clinical data and answer a clinical problem. Teams will be mentored by experienced health professionals and data scientists throughout the event.

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